Actions & Adoptions is the first and premiere episode of Season 5 of University Rockstars. It aired on August 29, 2015, garnering a total of 7.98 million US viewers.


Austin, Ally, Aaron, Jennifer and Tyler start their first day in university with Austin getting a huge gig as a gift from Trish. Meanwhile, the team is shocked to find adoption papers among Tyler's stuff.

Episode Story Arcs

  • Trish and Dez, who only appears in a video chat, surprises Austin by telling him that they have gotten Austin an audition to star in an action film starring actress Jessica Winslow. Austin manages to pass the audition and becomes part of the cast, prompting him to drop his university classes, but decides to not take the role instead to focus more on his classes, impressing the producer of the film, Kathy Hertz, offering Austin the role but making sure filming will not stay in the way of his schedule. Austin takes the role.
  • Ally starts her classes and supports Austin with the film, meeting Jessica Winslow's daughter Anastasia, who goes to the same class as her. She finds out that Anastasia has a talent for singing but is afraid to fail and disappoint her mother. Ally tries befriends her, inviting her to the Rockstar Factory where she meets everyone in the team and agrees to join the music school. Ally performs "Play My Song" in the university's pep rally to welcome all the freshman to Glendale University including Austin, Jennifer, Brett, Anastasia, Tyler, Aaron, Daniel and Luke.
  • Aaron appears in the episode briefly, but is gone the whole episode as he still mourns for Lexi's death.
  • Tyler introduces Brett to the team, who Tyler offers to stay at his place as a roommate. Meanwhile Jennifer, Daniel, Ally and Austin find adoption papers in Tyler's bag in the Rockstar Factory, thinking that he was adopting someone named Max. They follow him and sees him buy toys, assuming that Tyler is adopting a baby. In the end, Tyler catches them and tells them that he's adopting a puppy.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

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