Ally Dawson is an 18-year old aspiring songwriter who can't show her talents to the world because of her extreme case of stage fright. She wrote the song that made Austin Moon an overnight internet sensation. Ally hopes that someday, she will be able to overcome her fear and be as cool as Austin and fulfill her dream of being a famous songwriter, especially for Austin. As she explores with her friends, Ally realizes she has more than everything a girl can every have: A Sweet boyfriend, supporting friends, and a caring father. She is portrayed by Laura Marano.

About Her

Ally, born and raised in Miami, is a shy girl who loves writing lyrics and making songs. She also really cares about helping her friends which often puts her in uncomfortable, but hilarious, situations. She has an extreme case of stage fright, which is not yet revealed to why. She is a goody goody which often helps her and her friends to get out of trouble. She chews her hear and talks a lot when she gets nervous. She doesn't like it when people touch her journal/songbook/diary and always says "Don't touch my book!". She is in love with one of her best friends Austin Moon. She said yes to Austin after he asked her out in the episode Songwriting & School. She takes care of Sonic Boom, a music store owned by her father Lester Dawson. She rarely talks about her mother. She always has bad experiences, especially at the beach but got over it after remembering all the fun memories she had when she was young. She tried overcoming her fear of Stage Fright in "Frights & Fights" but failed.

As she meets people with the same fear, she tries to do the best she can to break her fear eventually. Ally eventually overcomes her stage fright with the help of her friends and family. She is introduced to Sarah Vinyl who eventually asks her to be part of Vinyl Records. Ally and Austin eventually breaks up after their relationship keeps being in the way of their studies and careers. After she moves to Glendale, she eventually meets new friends and becomes closer to Sarah's son, Luke. After being courted, Ally starts a relationship with Luke, just before Austin planned on confessing his love for her. She graduated from Glendale High and went on to University with the team.

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