Aqua Productions is an american production company owned by The Fanfic Network which produces live-action sitcoms for Fanfic Channel.

The company has co-produced shows, most notably Spy Teens, as well as Kyle & Jane. The company is due to produce more upcoming shows in 2016, including Living The Life.


Kelly Grant and Ashton Jarvin founded the company on April 11, 2014, hoping to produce series for many known networks. The company first targeted to produce series in the genre of drama, suspense and action, but when they signed on to produce Spy Teens, Grant and Jarvin found themselves committing to producing more and more sitcoms, most specifically for Fanfic Channel. The company was acquired by Fanfic on July 2014, with Grant and Jarvin retaining their President status.

They began to produce more series, including Kyle & Jane, which was cancelled after two episodes. They continued to co-produce Spy Teens with Laugh Productions. Aqua Productions is now tied to many upcoming sitcoms for Fanfic Channel, including Living The Life.

Most shows are filmed at the Fanfic Studios in Burbank, California, where Aqua Productions recently moved their headquarters.


Here are the following series produced by Aqua Productions:

# Series Name Premiere Date End Date Network
1 Kyle & Jane January 16, 2015 January 23, 2015
Fanfic Channel
2 Spy Teens February 28, 2015 Present
3 Living The Life 2016 TBD

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