Babysitting Gone Bad is the third episode in Season 1 of Rising Stars. It aired on February 14, 2015.


Caleb and Hunter babysit Paul's son Kevin but when they lose him they call their friends for backup but then more problems start to happen.


Caleb and Hunter are playing video games with Chase at his house while Emily is doing her makeup, Then all of the sudden they get a text from Jade saying Come to the studio ASAP they all get worried and run out of the house.

At the studio they see Paul he tells them that he wanted to talk to Caleb and Hunter only, So the rest of the crew leaves while Paul talks to Caleb and Hunter. Paul asks the boys if he could babysit his son Kevin for him but Caleb and Hunter were a little worried because they never babysat someone, before Caleb could say there decision he offered to pay $400 if they would do it so Caleb and Hunter agreed to babysit him.

At the house Kevin was running around the house, Breaking stuff so Hunter tried to calm him down but he wouldn't listen so Caleb came up with an idea to play hide and seek, While they were playing hide and seek Caleb and Hunter couldn't find Kevin for over 3 hours so they called their friends for backup. When the gang came over they searched the whole house and neighborhood but they still couldn't find him.

Caleb gets a text from Paul saying he's coming to get his son, They all panic but then they hear a voice coming from upstairs, They all go upstairs and look in the couch and they found him just in time. When Paul comes to pick up Kevin he asks if they would like to babysit his daughter Mabel, The gang yells NO and shuts the door.

They all lay down on the couch in exhaustion.


Main Cast

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