Behind The Desk is an original Fanfic Channel sitcom. It was first announced during the Fanfic Channel Upfront on December 12, 2014. Created by Aaron Moon, the series was scheduled for premiere in the Winter 2015, along with other Winter shows. Fanfic Channel ordered a total of 12 episodes for the first season. The series started its production early January 2015, after casting for the series has concluded. The series was cancelled after only one season, closing the story with a cliffhanger revelation.

On November 13, 2015, Fanfic Channel announced that is has revived the series for a second season, with a 24-episode order, due to premiere on February 19, 2016, moving its time slot to Fridays, compared to the original Mondays. The main cast will reprise their roles, except for Sam Gittins.


Corey Jacobson, a teenage kid with big dreams and a passion for television, finds out that his real parents are two of the richest 50 people in the world. When the two tragically dies in an accident, Corey is given all their riches and properties according his parents' will, which was altered before they died. Not knowing where to spend his riches, Corey establishes his own company and channel and hires his favourite actors to play his very first tv show. With only him, his butler, Aldrich, and his guardian and uncle, Peter Jarvis, knowing the truth, Corey gets to know his employees by pretending to be the son of Aldrich. As he builds a relationship with his employees, Corey can soon reveal his true identity to the whole world and prove that dreams do come true, whilst preventing a mysterious company from trying to bring him down.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast and Characters

Recurring Cast and Characters



The series started scouting for its cast members early December 2014. Fanfic Channel has withhold the confirmed cast list of the series, which will be announced by the first week of January next year.

Corey Jacobson, the series lead cast, have not yet been casted. The character is around the age of 18 but anyone from 17 to 23 is allowed to audition for the role. Producer and creator, Aaron Moon, has confirmed that there will be a total of six main characters and five recurring for the first season. The full list of cast was announced on January 7, 2015.

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