Caught in the Lie is the third episode in Season 1 of Spy Teens. It aired on March 14, 2015.


Vincent is caught using a spy gadget in class to cheat his way to a test, raising suspicions from one of the school board members. Gracie deals with her best friend who will stop to nothing to find out what she has been up to the past few weeks.


Vincent play with the computer in their secret headquarters as he tries to win a video game that he has been playing for weeks. RJ then enters as he heads to the gadgets vault to take a pair of glasses that can magnify for more then 48x. Vincent asks him where he would use it, as he tells him that he needs it for a project. Ten minutes later, Gracie enters the HQ and sees Vincent still playing. She then asks Arman how long he has been there trying to hack the game, as Arman answers that he has missed all of his classes that day because of the game. Gracie then asks Vincent if he has seen RJ, and he tells him about RJ grabbing one of the spy glasses. Gracie then realize that RJ does not actually have a project but that he will use it to cheat on his test. They then immediately run up to the school.

RJ starts his chemistry test as he uses his glasses to see the answers of the students around him. He continues to look at other people’s test as he copies down all the answers. Meanwhile, Gracie and Vincent runs into Eleanor, who asks them why they are running. Not wanting to snitch on RJ, Vincent makes up an excuse about losing his pet hamster, which he does not have, but Eleanor buys it, as she gives them a weird look. Mr. Lemuel, the chemistry teacher, notices RJ looking around and he walks up to him. He notices his glasses and remembers that he does not wear glasses as he takes the glasses from him and tries it on, only to find it being able to magnify. He assumes that RJ used it to cheat and he brings him out of the class. Gracie and Vincent are too late as they see RJ being taken to the principal’s office.

Vincent heads back to Hq to find a way to help RJ, while Gracie is held back by her best friend, Alicia Young, who has been wondering why Gracie has always been busy the past week. Gracie lies to Alicia, but she knows if Gracie is lying, as she promises to Gracie that she will not stop until she finds what has been taking up her time. Everywhere Gracie goes, she sees Alicia either following her or watching her. She then sends Vincent a decoded message about not being able to go the HQ as Alicia is following her around.

Meanwhile, Principal Ashworth deals with RJ as he calls a meeting with the school board to decide on the punishment that they can put on RJ for cheating. During the meeting, one of the school board and an IT teacher, Walton Rosen, notices that the glasses RJ used to cheat could not be bought off the internet or any store. As a past engineer, he also found out that the technology behind the glasses were not something that could be used by anyone, but is only restrained to being used by the government. Vincent finds Eleanor in the HQ and tries to sneak into the vault without being seen. He then hacks into Arman to mute him and activates the hologram to distract her. He manages to get into the vault and grab a memory wipe camera. He heads back up to the school and meets up with Gracie, in which Alicia catches them with the camera. Gracie makes up an excuse that she decided to be a photographer and did not want her to know until she was sure of her passion. Alicia accepts her reason and leaves. Vincent and Gracie heads to the chemistry class, and the camera causes all the students and Mr. Lemuel to lose their memory of the past hour. They then immediately barge into the meeting and tells RJ to close his eyes, as the flash causes the memory of the school board to be wiped for the past hour. The three then heads to the HQ to celebrate their success, as Gracie gives RJ a long talk about cheating. They are then surprised to see Eleanor in the HQ expecting them, with Walton and Alicia by her side. She explains that Walton is their spy engineer while Alicia is her niece, who is also part of the Spy Teens program. She tells them that she planned everything and knew RJ would take the glasses once he knew what it does, and lets them know that their teamwork caused them to pass their first training test.

Gracie is relieved to know that Alicia is part of the program, so that she can talk to someone about it. RJ then apologizes to them, as he jokes about using the camera on them, before Walton takes it away from Vincent.


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