The following is a list of episodes of the Fanfic Channel series, Bionic Son. Created by Aaron Moon and Chase Marin, the series stars Kevin G. Quinn, Paris Berelc, Miles Gibson, Ana Ortiz and David Sutcliffe. The series explores the life of a changed teenager, Derrick Klever, who is given prosthetic limbs and an embedded computer chip in his brain after a tragic accident.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 24 September 11, 2015 TBA

Season 1: September 2015 - Present

  • This season consists of 24 episodes.
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Faster, Stronger, Better" Chase Marin Zac Selther September 11, 2015 3.46

Derrick is becomes faster, stronger and better after he gets an upgrade with bionic prosthetic limbs and an embedded chip on his brain that allows him to run fast, have extra strength, and to access technology using his chip, including the internet.

Note: This episode is the series and season premiere.

2 2 "Fix That Glitch" Joe Digaetano Elicia Riggs September 18, 2015 3.55

After being told that he is not yet ready to leave the house by Carlo, Derrick returns to school and adjust to the new atmosphere with the help of Heather and Cooper. But when a glitch in his chip causes chaos, his chance for a normal life starts to slip away after Anna and Derrick tells him that he should be home schooled to avoid more chaos.

3 3 "Two Left Bionic Foot" Rohit Agarwal Justin Panuccio September 25, 2015 3.76

Derrick is ready to experience his first school event after his new life, but is nervous to ask a girl to the dance in fear of his bionic legs acting out. Meanwhile, Heather accidentally loses her phone with videos of Derrick showing off his abilities, and enlist the help of Cooper to find it before some finds out about Derrick.

4 4 "School Bus Trouble" Joaquin Loyzaga Meg Leranda October 2, 2015 3.64

After the school bus Derrick, Heather and Cooper are on loses its break and is in danger of falling off a cliff, Heather and Cooper must make sure that no one sees Derrick use his abilities as he tries to save the bus.

5 5 "Halloween Contest" Joe Digaetano Elicia Riggs October 16, 2015 3.58

After losing for three straight years to his nemesis, Kent, Cooper enlist the help of Derrick to create the best halloween costume to win the Halloween contest for the first time. Meanwhile, Anna and Carlo try to figure out why no kids from their block are knocking at their door during trick or treat.

Note: This episode is part of Fanfic Channel's Spooktober.

6 6 "Pop-Up Ads" Chase Marin Zac Selther &

Justin Panuccio

November 6, 2015 3.66

After a pop-up ad gives Derrick a virus, he loses control of himself and is taken over by an evil version of himself, creating havoc in the house. Carlo and Cooper try to subdue him before he gets out and create more trouble. Meanwhile, Heather accompanies Anna in a shopping spree to make their house more welcoming.

7 7 "Team Captain" Joaquin Loyzaga Meg Leranda November 13, 2015 3.52

After using his abilities to be a good football player, Coach Hayes of the football team recruits Derrick to become the Junior Team Captain. Meanwhile, Heather faces off with her old friend Darcy in the school's Prank-athon.

8 8 "Thanksgiving Disaster" Joaquin Loyzaga Meg Leranda November 20, 2015 3.67

Derrick's older brother, Dean, returns home for Thanksgiving, where Derrick finds out that he has dropped out of college and decided to stay home to work. Meanwhile, Carlo becomes occupied with his work that he forgets to do all of Anna's to-do list for Thanksgiving dinner.

9 9 "Reset to Default Settings" Chase Marin Justin Panuccio November 27, 2015 3.70

After Dean mistakenly presses a switch in Carlo's lab, Derrick's memories are wiped clean and he remembers nothing, freaking out about his bionic limbs. He, Heather and Cooper tries to find a backup copy of his memories before Anna and Carlo get back from their anniversary trip to Hawaii.

10 10 "Derrick Clause" Chase Marin Meg Leranda &

Elicia Riggs

December 11, 2015

After a snow storm hits Chicago, the gifts being delivered by the local post office are stuck in the road. This gives Anna an idea for Derrick to use his abilities to get all the gifts in time to their rightful owners. Meanwhile, Heather and Cooper can't decide on the gift they will get for Derrick, leading them to compete to find the best present.

Note: This episode is part of Fanfic Channel's Jollycember.

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