The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Martian McGowan. Created by Aaron Moon and Kurt Dalisay, the series follows the story of Jake, Ethan and Lucy after finding out that Artie, an owner of the local coffee shop and their next door neighbor, is a Martian. The series stars Connor Jessup, Ricardo Hoyos, Jonathan Bennett and Carrie Wampler.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 24 October 11, 2015 April 17, 2016

Season 1: October 2015 - Present

  • This season consists of 24 episodes.
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "The Martian Next Door" TBA TBA October 11, 2015 4.35

Best friends Jack and Ethan finds out that their next door neighbour, Artie, is an alien after having to hide in his house when they are chased by dogs. Lucy then finds out after she sees Artie showing his martian abilities to the boys while trick or treating.

Notes: This episode is the series and season premiere. It is also part of Fanfic Channel's Spooktober.

2 2 "The Handy Martian" TBA TBA October 18, 2015 4.28

To build the coolest school project in school, Jack and Ethan enlist the help of Artie. But when their friend, Wes, starts to snoop around, they must convince him that they are the ones who built their project and avoid him finding out about Artie.

3 3 "Martian Coffee" TBA TBA October 25, 2015 4.23

Ethan starts to work at Artie’s coffee shop where he accidentally mixes something with the coffees, turning people’s eyes green. Meanwhile, Jack and Lucy try to figure out what’s wrong with Artie after he becomes inactive for a few hours.

4 4 "All Aboard The Martian" TBA TBA November 1, 2015 4.26

Lucy finds out that Artie is able to teleport to any part of the world and tries to convince him to bring her to London. Meanwhile, Jack and Ethan uses Artie’s hypnotizer to get the teachers to give them longer breaks and less homework.

5 5 "The Martian UFO" TBA TBA November 8, 2015 4.31

Ethan and Lucy sneak out at night to find Artie’s UFO, which from his story is hidden somewhere in the town’s old mine. Meanwhile, Jake helps Artie ask Tina, the coffee shop regular to a date.

6 6 "Martian Puppies" TBA TBA November 15, 2015 4.29
Artie asks Jake to take care of his martian dog, Bark, after he is needed at his coffee shop due to many customers and only Ethan working at the counter. Jake then enlist Lucy’s help after Bark starts acting weird, only to find out that it is pregnant with puppies.
7 7 "Martians Are Friendly" TBA TBA November 22, 2015 4.20
Wes finds out about Artie after he overhears Lucy and Jake talk about his UFO during class. Meanwhile, Artie hires a new employee to work at his coffee shop, which seems to make it his duty to get Ethan fired.
8 8 "Not the Only Martian" TBA TBA November 29, 2015 4.27
Jake and Ethan decides to throw a party, but when Ethan’s parents and Jake’s brother refuses for them to do it at their houses, they decide to hold it at Arties. Meanwhile, Artie finds out that he is not the only Martian on Earth, and that the other is not a friendly Martian.
9 9 "Martian Wonderland" TBA TBA December 13, 2015
In order to make Artie’s first Christmas memorable, they travel to New York City to watch the annual Christmas Parade and the lighting of the tallest christmas tree in the world, but when a snow storm hits, they are forced to stay in their hotels.

Note: This episode is part of Fanfic Channel's Jollycember.

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