The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Rising Stars. Created by Christian Newman and Aaron Moon, The show follows the lives of twin brothers Caleb and Hunter Vanhorn who most of the time do not agree with each other but try to avoid destroying their bond as twins.Caleb is played by Ethan Dolan, Hunter is played by Grayson Dolan, Chloe is played by Julia Bowen, Chase is played by Robbie Amell, Jade is played by Vanessa Marano, Emily is played by Sabrina Carpenter.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 12 January 31, 2015 April 18, 2015
2 24 July 4, 2015 March 26, 2016

Season 1: January 2015 - April 2015

  • This season consists of 12 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Welcome to Hollywood" Aaron Moon Christian Newman January 31, 2015 3.89

Caleb and Hunter move to Hollywood in the hopes of being discovered but when Caleb ruins their chance, their newfound friends try to help them achieve their dream as brothers.

Notes: This episode is the series premiere episode.

2 2 "Troublemakers" Christian Newman Aaron Moon February 7, 2015 3.92

Caleb and Hunter tries to outdo each other to impress the producers who is coming in to watch their performances. They try sabotaging each other's scenes filming, causing destruction on the set.

3 3 "Babysitting Gone Bad" Daniel A. Mendez Christian Newman February 14, 2015 3.91

Caleb and Hunter babysit Paul's son Kevin but when they lose him they call their friends for backup but then more problems start to happen.

4 4 "The New Guy" James Campbell Christian Newman and Brian R. Johnson February 21, 2015 3.94

Caleb and Hunter meets Jacob, an aspiring actor. When Caleb and Jacob become close friends, Hunter tries to warn Caleb when he finds out Jacob's plan to replace both of them in the series.

5 5 "Lights, Camera, Action" Matt Williams Christian Newman February 28, 2015 3.85

It's the first day of filming and Caleb, Hunter, Chase, Jade, and Emily are nervous, But they end up doing well. Yet when the episode editors see the tape their footage is sabotaged so they have to figure out who did it.

6 6 "Best Friends Turn Into Worst Enemies" Aaron Moon Christian Newman March 7, 2015 3.87

A friendship is threatened on set after they fight over a movie role offered by the producers.

7 7 "Work It" Christian Newman Christian Newman, James Campbell, Aaron Moon March 14, 2015 3.92

When Caleb and Hunter both audition for the same modeling job for Calvin and Klein and Caleb gets the job and Hunter doesn't, Hunter gets jealous wondering what Caleb has that he doesn't have. Hunter soon ends up letting his anger get the best of him and tricks Caleb into thinking the shoot was cancelled but in reality, he is just going to show up in his place.

8 8 "Filming Music Video" Christian Newman Christian Newman March 21, 2015 3.95

Caleb and Hunter are both cast as extras in a music video. But things get saucy when the lead singer in the video flirts with both Caleb and Hunter , Knowing very well that they are twins not the same person. The boys soon get very romantically attached to the singer but when they both find out she's been flirting with both of them confusion arises.

9 9 "Musicals and Advice" Christian Newman Christian Newman March 28, 2015 3.96

Caleb gets an audition for a role in a musical comedy pilot but when he arrives at the audition, he finds himself intimidated by the vast amount of musical and dance talent from the other guys. Meanwhile, Hunter decides to start making acting advice videos but ends up having a little learning experience himself when he learns the information he put in his first video is false.

10 10 "Framed" Christian Newman Christian Newman April 4, 2015 3.92

When Jacob returns the gang decide to give him a second chance to celebrate their new friendship they decide to go to the mall but what happens when Caleb and Hunter are accused of stealing?

11 11 "Cancelled" Christian Newman Christian Newman April 11, 2015 3.98

When the producers decide to cancel the show will the gang be able to change the producers decision?

12 12 "Everything Has Changed" Christian Newman Christian Newman and Aaron Moon April 18, 2015 4.03

After seeing the talent of the Vanhorn brothers, ABC Network offers them a lead position in a new TV show with one catch: Only one of them gets to accept the job.

Notes: This episode is the Season Finale.

Season 2: July 2015 - March 2016

  • This season consists of 24 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "New Girl In Town " Christian Newman Matthew Williams July 4, 2015 4.89

Caleb and Hunter and the gang face new problems at the new studio when a new girl comes on the set, and threatens the dynamic of the group.

Notes: This episode is the season 2 premiere episode.

2 2 "Wrong Side" Christian Newman Matthew Williams July 11, 2015 4.90

Amanda, the new girl, seems to be dividing the group which is slowly advancing her in the studio. Caleb tries to find out about Amanda's past. Jade gets a side job at a coffee shop.

3 3 "Babysitting Gone Bad 2" Aaron Moon Christian Newman July 18, 2015 3.51

After knocking Amanda out while watching her per the studios request, Jade has to find a way for no one to see Amanda before she wakes up. After finding out about her past Caleb tries to look further into the truth while trying to keep up the good work at the studio with the help of Hunter.

4 4 "Secrets" Aaron Moon Christian Newman July 25, 2015 3.67

Caleb finds out that Amanda is a double-agent and he tells Hunter and they try to come up with a plan to expose her meanwhile Emily has been sad for some reason and Jade tries to find out why is she acting like that.

Note: It turns out that her parent's are divorcing.

5 5 "TBA" Christian Newman Christian Newman August 1, 2015


6 6 "Behind The Scenes" Christian Newman James Havock August 8, 2015

When the gang vist a movie set Hunter accidentely breaks one of the one of a kind props and they have to figure out how to replace it before the crew finds out meanwhile Chase, Jade, and Emily meet some of the actors.

7 7 "Falling For You" Christian Newman Christian Newman August 15, 2015

Jade starts to realize that she has feelings for Chase but tries to hide it meanwhile Caleb and Hunter get the opportunity to star in a horror movie.

8 8 "Stuck In Between" Aaron Moon Christian Newman August 22, 2015

It's getting harder for Jade to hide her feelings so she decides to avoide Chase meanwhile Emily helps Caleb and Hunter prepare for thier roles.

9 9 "What More Can I Say?" Christian Newman Christian Newman September 19, 2015

Caleb and Hunter go on set of thier first movie but what happens when the director meanwhile Jade doesn't know what to do about her feelings for Chase so she asks Emily for help.

10 10 "Fun In The Sun" Aaron Moon Christian Newman September 26, 2015

The gang get the day off and decide to go to the beach but what happens when Emily loses her necklace?

11 11 "Scary Stories" Aaron Moon Christian Newman October 17, 2015

When a power outage leaves the six friends locked in the studio overnight on Halloween, they pass the time by seeing who can tell the scariest ghost story.

12 12 "TBA" Aaron Moon Christian Newman November 7, 2015


13 13 "TBA" Aaron Moon Christian Newman November 21, 2015


14 14 "The Gift" Aaron Moon Christian Newman November 28, 2015

Chase and Jade have trouble finding anniversary presents for one another. meanwhile Caleb gets an exciting opportunity.

15 15 "Christmas Play" Aaron Moon Christian Newman December 12, 2015

When the town is throwing a christmas play Caleb and Hunter audition for Santa and the elf but Hunter ends up getting the part of Santa and Caleb gets the part of the elf so Caleb decides to sabotage the play.

16 16 "New Year's Eve" Aaron Moon Christian Newman January 2, 2016

It's New Years Eve and the gang are so excited so Hunter decides to throw a end of the year party at the studio but what happens when everything starts to turn into chaos. Meanwhile Jade helps Emily with her list before the year is over.

17 17 "Bloopers" Christian Newman Christian Newman January 16, 2016

Laura Marano hosts the episode and interviews the casts.

18 18 "Valentine's Day" Christian Newman Christian Newman February 13, 2016

When Caleb gets a note from a secret admirer he tries to find out who it is meanwhile the rest of the gang try to prove to Paul that they can handle making an episode.

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