The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Secret Life. Created by Aaron Moon, the series follows the lives of a normal teenage guy whose life turns upside down after an accident gives him superhuman abilities that he uses to save his town and the people closest to him. The series stars Callan McAuliffe, Lucy Hale and Alexander Ludwig.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 12 February 13, 2015 May 22, 2015
2 24 September 25, 2015 March 4, 2016

Season 1: February 2015 - May 22, 2015

  • This season consists of 12 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Pilot" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon February 13, 2015 7.89

High school student Harvey Gilett finally has a conversation with his childhood crush, Vanessa Parks, but things go awry as Vanessa's boyfriend, Brian Stac, confronts him and tells him to leave her alone.

Note: This episode is the series premiere episode.

2 2 "Snow in California" Dalton Applegate Aaron Moon February 20, 2015 7.95

Residents in Burbank awakens to thick snow in California and it is up to the trio to make sure that no one gets hurt during the storm that Harvey created.

3 3 "Memorial Service" Mishah Michaels Verna Chung & Alex Mayfair February 27, 2015 8.02

After the death of a teacher in Burbank Senior High School, the trio investigates on their own to find out if the incident is related to Harvey acquiring superhuman powers. Meanwhile, Lucy finds out that the new replacement teacher isn't who she seems to be.

4 4 "Lockdown" Francis Kravid Sean Remington March 6, 2015 7.82

After the incident at Burbank Senior High, the military has the city under lockdown with curfew imposed. Eager to find more about the monsters, Harvey sneaks out with Vanessa and Brian, with soldiers guarding the streets all night.

5 5 "Underground Base" Chelsea Lee Aaron Moon & Verna Chung March 13, 2015 7.68

Mike builds an underground base for the team to use in their mission to save their city as their headquarters. The team begins to search for the origin of the dreads, with Vanessa bringing in high tech lab equipments to examine their biology.

6 6 "Training Gone Wrong" Francis Kravid Hannah Sklovig March 20, 2015 7.94

The new underground base is equipped with a training gym, and Harvey enlists the help of Brian to teach him to be able to fight and defend himself, when it comes to hand to hand combat. Vanessa makes progress in finding the origin of the dreads.

7 7 "Senior Dance" Mishah Michaels Sean Remington & Hannah Sklovig April 17, 2015 7.99

Harvey is faced with a decision to expose his secrets when a new foe crashes their Senior Dance, risking the lives of the students and staff in the school, which would put his family in danger.

8 8 "Lab Rat" Francis Kravid Alex Mayfair April 24, 2015 8.06

After exposing his identity to the school, Harvey becomes viral on the internet, attracting the attention of the military once again. After being captured for testing, it is up to Vanessa, Brian, Nick and Mark to prevent the military from taking Harvey.

9 9 "Secrets" Chelsea Lee Hannah Sklovig May 1, 2015 7.92

Secrets are finally revealed after Harvey develops the ability to force a person to tell the truth, causing some conflicts between Brian and Vanessa. Harvey's nightmare becomes reality when Nick, Steve and Stacy go missing.

10 10 "Cure" Chelsea Lee Verna Chung & Alex Mayfair May 8, 2015 7.84

Dr. Richard Parks' promise to help cure Harvey is fulfilled when he tells the team about an antidote he developed to reverse the effects of the toxic waste. Meanwhile, Vanessa comes across a shocking discovery.

11 11 "Rescue Mission" Mishah Michaels Verna Chung May 15, 2015 7.91

The team work together to rescue Vanessa from a rogue Dr. Parks after he kidnaps her, with time ticking before a bomb goes off, killing thousands of innocent lives, including Vanessa.

12 12 "Burbank Square" Aaron Moon Sean Remington & Alex Mayfair May 22, 2015 8.23

A final battle between Harvey and Dr. Rogue causes destruction in Burbank Square, as the rest of the team evacuate the people to safety.

Note: This episode is the season finale episode.

Season 2: September 2015 - Present

On August 17, 2015, Fanfic Channel renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on September 25, 2015, with a 24-episode order. Callan McAuliffe, Lucy Hale and Alexander Ludwig reprised their roles.

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
13 1 "Surprise, Surprise" Aaron Moon Alex Mayfair September 25, 2015 8.39

Harvey and Brian plans a surprise welcome back party to Vanessa, after being away for more than four months. Unbeknownst to them, surprise also awaits them at the headquarters.

Note: This episode is the season premiere.

14 2 "Back to School" Mishah Michaels Verna Chung & Wesley Regen October 2, 2015 8.04

Harvey adjusts to life in school without Brian and Vanessa, as he meets new allies, as well as a new enemy. Brian and Vanessa tries to track down a lead to bringing down the organization known as The Snake.

15 3 "Principal Heinz" Chelsea Lee Sean Remington & Verna Chung October 9, 2015 7.64

The team finds a hidden room in the basement of Vanessa's old house, but finds out that it has been bought by Burbank High's new principal, Wendy Heinz. Meanwhile, trouble finds Nick after he is caught breaking into the mayor's house.

16 4 "Trick or Threats" Mishah Michaels Verna Chung October 23, 2015 7.43

The team becomes vigilant during Halloween after The Snake brings terror to the people in the city, in order to draw out Harvey and his team. The team comes across a new creature they call, the Trackers.

Note: This episode is part of Fanfic Channel's Spooktober.

17 5 "Headquarter Breach" Francis Kravid Wesley Regen & Alex Mayfair November 6, 2015 7.37

The team's headquarters is breached by the Trackers, injuring Nick, forcing the team to destroy the headquarters and salvage all their research before the Trackers can destroy it.

18 6 "The Mysterious Girl" Chelsea Lee Sean Remington November 13, 2015 7.26

A mysterious new student reveals her knowledge of Harvey's abilities, promising to keep the secret, in exchange for a seat in the team and a chance to bring down The Snake and everyone behind the organization.

19 7 "HQ 2.0" Francis Kravid Wesley Regen & Aaron Moon November 20, 2015 7.39

Mike surprises the team with a better, upgraded headquarters, equipped with the finest security system and lab equipments. Meanwhile, Harvey advises his parents to go out of town for their anniversary, hoping that they would be safe from all the chaos happening.

20 8 "Anti-Harvey" Carter Sklovig Hannah Sklovig November 27, 2015 7.41

Vanessa finds a formula among her father's things that could potentially disable Harvey's powers for a limited amount of time, and her life is put to risk after an old enemy returns to try and retrieve the formula, no matter what the cost.

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