The The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Spy Teens. Created by Aaron Moon and Axel Torres, the series follows the lives of three high school students who have been recruited to be the first agents of the Spy Teens program. The series stars Rahart Adams, Mary Mouser, Jeremy Becerra and Sarah Drew.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 18 February 27, 2015 October 3, 2015

Season 1: February 2015 - October 2015

  • This season consists of 18 episodes.
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "New Recruits" Doug Griffith Crystal Copeland & Roderick Manning February 27, 2015 5.32

RJ Remington, Gracie Godfrey and Vincent Villanueva are recruited to become the first Spy Teens and Eleanor’s plan takes a turn after two agents tries to steal an important document from her.

Notes: This episode is the series and season premiere.

2 2 "Strengths & Weaknesses" Tony Hicks Aaron Moon March 7, 2015 4.78

The trio starts their training to be full time Spy Teens and they encounter their strengths and weaknesses for the first time. Meanwhile, Eleanor tries to find a way to decline a date from her colleague to prevent the risk of exposing her true identity.

3 3 "Caught in the Lie" Doug Griffith Aaron Moon & Crystal Copeland March 14, 2015 3.82

Vincent is caught using a spy gadget in class to cheat his way to a test, raising suspicions from one of the school board members. Gracie deals with her best friend who will stop to nothing to find out what she has been up to the past few weeks. 

4 4 "Say Cheese" Joshua Spriggs Tim Browning & Andrea Borland March 21, 2015 3.78

RJ goes on a spontaneous mission after he finds out that his date might be an enemy spy. Gracie enlists Vincent’s help to hack into the school’s security footage after she accidentally used her lipstick laser in front of a security camera. 

5 5 "Hollywood" Victoria Bard Roderick Manning March 28, 2015 3.79

The trio travels to Hollywood for their first evaluation training from the head of the Spy Teens program, but Vincent finds out that there might be a mole within the agency.  

6 6 "Team Mission" Tony Hicks Tim Browning & Roderick Manning April 4, 2015 3.87
RJ, Gracie and Vincent go on their first mission as a team when Eleanor becomes compromised and requires the help of her recruits.
7 7 "A Spy in Detention" Holly Laurel Andrea Borland & Crystal Copeland April 11, 2015 3.94
After being caught cutting class, RJ is put into detention, leaving Gracie and Vincent to take care of an important mission when an organization tries to take the Mayor's daughter. Meanwhile, Eleanor's brother decides to stay at her place during Spring Break.
8 8 "Arman Undercover" Doug Griffith Callum Davidson April 18, 2015 4.21
In order to fully go undercover, Arman is placed in a robotic dog to help accompany Vincent in her mission. Meanwhile, RJ and Gracie have to pretend to be a couple to get into a dating workshop that is supposedly recruiting people to be assassins.
9 9 "High School Years" Victoria Bard Seth Engstrom & Crystal Copeland April 25, 2015 4.16
The trio imagine what Eleanor's life was back when she was in high school when they find all of her high school stuff in the locked closet in the base. Meanwhile, Eleanor is stuck at a teacher's meeting being lead by the school nurse.
10 10 "Blackout" Tony Hicks Andrea Borland May 2, 2015 4.08
RJ and Gracie become trapped in their base after a storm knocks all power throughout the state, with Vincent forgetting to order the generator after he broke it a week before.
11 11 "Dog Shows & Doctors" Doug Griffith Tim Browning May 9, 2015 4.01
RJ and Vincent brings Arman into a dog show, hoping to win first price of three tickets, including one for the winning dog, to the Dreamline Cruise. Gracie brings Eleanor to the clinic to help her face her fear of Doctors.
12 12 "Family Crisis" Victoria Bard Callum Davidson & Roderick Manning May 16, 2015 3.97
Gracie enlist the help of her team after her family finds out about her spy career. Meanwhile, Vincent is having a family crisis on his own when they think that Arman is haunted when he starts acting up.
13 13 "Summer Camp" Holly Laurel Seth Engstrom June 13, 2015 3.93
The trio enrols in a Summer Camp as Spy Councillors, being the first three Spy Teens. Meanwhile, Eleanor finds a way to get the Summer vacation she has always wanted.
14 14 "Code Red" Joshua Spriggs Claire Fleming & Seth Engstrom July 18, 2015 3.95
The Summer Camp is infiltrated by an Organization known as The Shadow, and it is up to RJ, Gracie, Vincent and some new recruits to save the camp.
15 15 "Closet Emergency" Joshua Spriggs Claire Fleming & Tim Browning August 8, 2015 4.00
RJ is forced to wear his spy suit, which he wears underneath his clothes, after a wardrobe malfunction while they visit the happiest theme park on the planet.
16 16 "Date Night" Holly Laurel Andre Borland & Seth Engstrom September 19, 2015 4.03
Vincent organizes a date night to help RJ with his crushing on Gracie. Eleanor decides to bring Andrew as his date, so she can make sure that he is not from The Shadow.
17 17 "Framed" Victoria Bard Crystal Copeland & Tim Browning September 26, 2015 3.99
Eleanor is released from the AKA Organization after she is found to have been feeding sensitive information to The Shadow, and it is up to RJ, Gracie and Vincent to clear her name after they think that she has been framed.
18 18 "Disbanded" Joshua Spriggs Roderick Manning October 3, 2015 4.08
The government will be forced to disband the AKA Organization unless The Shadow can be stopped from bringing worldwide destruction after acquiring all nuclear codes the agents have been protecting. To hatch a plan, the spy teens infiltrates a Halloween Costume Bash that the Organization suspects The Shadow agents are secretly meeting.

Notes: This episode is the season finale and is part of Fanfic Channel's Spooktober.

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