Welcome to the Fanfic Wikia, a public site database of the fictional company, The Fanfic Company, or most commonly known as Fanfic. This wiki is available to be edited by anyone but this ability should not be taken for granted. The wiki reserves the right to ban anyone from the wiki if they are caught violating the site policy. Information on this wiki is strictly fictional and not all written here is factual. Feel free to message any available admins for help. Enjoy your stay!


  • Fanfic was founded on December 2, 2011
  • Aaron Moon is the current President and CEO of The Fanfic Company
  • Fanfic is leading in the fictional mass media company on the internet
  • Fanfic launched its first television network, Fanfic Channel, on March 1, 2012
  • Fanfic launched two studios, Fanfic and Wonder, in the year 2014 alone
  • Fanfic originally planned to launch a second television network, ASM Network, but was postponed

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The Fanfic Company, most commonly known as Fanfic, is a fictional american multinational mass media corporation headquartered in Burbank, California. Fanfic was founded by Aaron Moon in December 2, 2011 and has been leading in the fictional film and television industry.
Everyday, Fanfic is looking for talented writers around the globe to create and pitch ideas for tv series and feature films. If you have an amazing idea, come on to the Pitching Board to send in your ideas and you might just be the lucky ones to get approved as an official Fanfic creator! For more information on how to pitch an idea, visit Series Production Process.
11/20/15 Vulture Premiere
11/20/15 My Musical Life Premiere
12/12/15 The Last Christmas Premiere
12/19/15 Fanfic Holiday Parade Live
01/08/16 Invultra Premiere
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For more news and other articles about fictional tv and film, visit Fictertainment, a blog about everything Fanfic! If you are interested in becoming an author for the blog, leave a message to any of the admins available. Click on the photo above to visit the blog!

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