Fanfic Expo 2015
Date April 10, 2015
Venue San Diego Convention Center
Country United States
Participants Fanfic Studios
Wonder Studios
Fanfic Channel
ASM Network
Star Quest

Fanfic Expo 2015 is the first annual entertainment convention for Fanfic, held at the San Diego Convention Center on April 10, 2015.


The convention features the presentation for upcoming products lined up for the year 2015 and 2016. The convention features presentations for Fanfic Studios, Wonder Studios, Fanfic Channel, ASM Network and Star Quest. The event will feature announcements of events, programs, films, tv series and other products by the above divisions of Fanfic. There will also be booths around the convention center featuring existing tv shows for Fanfic Channel, with special guest stars of the show.

The event also acts as a big press conference for the company, as at the end of the main presentation, there will be individual conferences for upcoming and existing tv shows and films, featuring cast members of the programs. The event also serves as the upfront for Fanfic Channel and ASM Network, and serves as the launch of The Fanfic Network's newest channel.

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