Girl Groups & Gadgets is the third episode of Season 4 of A High School Rockstar. It premiered on April 11, 2015, garnering a total of 7.60 million US viewers.


Ally is given the opportunity to form her own Girl Groups by Vinyl Records. Meanwhile, Trish signs a contract with Orange Industries for Austin to endorse their gadgets wherever he goes, but when they find flaws in the technology, they hatch a plan to prevent people from buying it, without destroying Austin’s career.

Episode Story Arcs

  • Trish delivers good news to Austin that he has become Orange Industries latest endorses for their new line of Orange Smartphones. Austin, Tyler and Aaron then finds out of the defects of the phone after it explodes, almost causing a fire in the Rockstar Factory. After a meeting with the CEO of Orange Industries, Austin, Trish, Tyler and Aaron finds out that they have signed a contract preventing them from telling anyone about the flaws as well as backing out of the endorsement, with Austin's career on the line if any of the things happens. They hatch a plan to show everyone its dangers without having to tell them directly by sabotaging one of the phones to act up in school, while Dez films the whole thing and posts it online anonymously, leaving the company bankrupt, and Austin's career intact.
  • Ally has been offered by Sarah a chance to form her own girl group in order to boost her career more, leaving her the task of choosing her group mates and being the leader. Lexi and Trish then start impressing her after they find out that one place remains in the girl group, who currently has Ally, Michelle and Kelsi, two of Vinyl Records' newest artists and Beth, winner of a singing competition on tv who won a contract with Vinyl Records and a chance to be part of a girl group. With Lexi and Trish starting to fight to get the last place, Ally decides not to give the seat to any of them, and instead offering it to Jennifer, who gladly accepts it.
  • Aaron also finally convinces his parents to retire from their work as spies and they settle down in Glendale as a family with Keith.


Main Cast

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