JollycemberAd Jollycember is the title for the annual Christmas programming lineup event on the Fanfic Channel airing within the month of December. The annual event consists of christmas-themed episodes of some or all Fanfic Channel shows airing during the time as well as occasional film premieres.


The following episodes and films have premiered as part of the Jollycember event.

Rising Stars

"Christmas Play" (December 12, 2015)- When the town is throwing a christmas play Caleb and Hunter audition for Santa and the elf but Hunter ends up getting the part of Santa and Caleb gets the part of the elf so Caleb decides to sabotage the play.

The Last Christmas

(December 12, 2015) Let's face it. Christmas spirit? Dead. This is the modern world. Nobody knows or cares about the true meaning of Christmas anymore, nobody asks for anything but electronics for Christmas, and no one believes or cares anymore about Santa Claus. Not even little kids. No one bothers to put up Christmas lights because of of how long it takes, and nobody decorates their house because of how expensive everything is. And no one... well, you get the idea. One teenage boy in particular, Caleb Evergreen, never really believed in Christmas. He loved to ruin it for his family, one of the very few families who still knew the true meaning of Christmas, or at least, still cared. One day, Caleb realizes his family isn't putting up any decorations. They aren't going Christmas shopping, and his younger siblings aren't even writing a letter to Santa Claus. They're just being how Caleb always wanted them to be, normal. Well at least, normal in the modern world. Not only does Caleb see that his family isn't caring about Chrismas, nobody is. So he goes to his one friend who still has a family who cares: Hailei. Hailei explains that it's only a matter of time before the whole Christmas holiday is forgotten. Caleb doesn't like the idea of Christmas being forgotten, and not only because he secretly cares, but because without Christmas, he'll have nothing to ruin. So Caleb and Hailei set off on a mission alongside their close friend Kevin and Hailei's butthead cousin Mia to bring Christmas spirit back to the modern world in the little town of theirs known as Winerford before it is forgotten forever.

Martian McGowan

"Martian Wonderland" (December 13, 2015) - In order to make Artie’s first Christmas memorable, they travel to New York City to watch the annual Christmas Parade and the lighting of the tallest christmas tree in the world, but when a snow storm hits, they are forced to stay in their hotels.

Secret Life

"Warm Winter" (December 18, 2015) - Harvey, Vanessa and Brian travel to Washington, DC hoping to find a lead on The Snake, but fails. Instead, they are welcomed by a snow storm. Harvey insists on helping people get out of the storm using his abilities, and be back in time for Christmas Eve.

University Rockstars

"Wishes & Workshops" (December 19, 2015) - To give back to the community, Austin & Ally hold a holiday event to help grant the wishes of children in the city, but when a snow storm hits, they are left stuck in the Subway. Meanwhile, Brett and Jennifer gets help from the team after no one shows up to work at Santa's Workshop.

Fanfic Holiday Parade 2015

On December 19, 2015, the first annual Fanfic Holiday Parade will be broadcasted live from New York City on Fanfic Channel and ASM Network. The event will be part of Fanfic Channel's Jollycember, and leading up to the event would be a christmas-themed University Rockstars episode. The event will feature performances and electronic parade filled with lights and appearances from Fanfic Channel and ASM Network stars.

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