Lexi Reed is a 20-year old cheerleader star quality girl from San Francisco. She can sing, dance and play some instruments. She is portrayed by Stefanie Scott. She is a main character on A High School Rockstar.


Lexi is the sassy, most cruel and yet most popular girl back at San Francisco. But the more she gets closer to Austin, Ally, Trish & Dez, her soft side personality starts to develop. She becomes a sweet, fun and loving best friend. She is Aaron's girlfriend. She moved to Miami with Aaron because her parents are Aaron's "manager". She loves cheerleading but doesn't want to join the cheerleading team. She enjoys singing with Aaron and can play instruments too. She is taught by friend Chyna Parks back from San Francisco. She introduces Chyna and her friends in San Francisco in the episode "Competitions & Clowns" when they travel to California.

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