Living The Life is an upcoming american sitcom, created and executive produced by Aaron Moon. The series was picked up on November 14, 2015, with a full season order of 26 episodes. The series is one of many to premiere on 2016. The series is loosely based on the Disney Channel series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Alex Rowley, son of the owner of five-star Rowley Hotel in New York, is living the life, after being placed in the hotel by his father, Robert Rowley, to teach him to be independent. Taking this as an advantage, Alex makes the hotel his personal man cave, creating havoc in the lobby and eating all the food he can eat from room service. He befriends an aspiring broadway star, Ivy McLeod, who stays at a suite two floors below him, as well as the hotel receptionist, Jensen Meyer. With his stay in the hotel resting upon the hands of the strict hotel manager, Herman Wells, Alex tries to stay out of trouble - or at least make sure Mr. Wells does not find out of his adventures and the pranks he likes to make.



The series began casting on November 15, 2015, after the series has been picked up by Fanfic Channel. The role for Jensen Meyer, however, has been filled by Timothy Granaderos, before the series has been picked up by the network.

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