Openings & Surprises is the first and premiere episode of Season 4 of A High School Rockstar. It premiered on March 28, 2015, garnering a total of 7.58 million US viewers.


Ally & Lester open up their brand new Sonic Boom shop in Glendale, but an unexpected surprise changes the direction of the store’s future.


Ally wakes up to an empty house, as she finds a note from Lester in the kitchen to tell her to meet him at the town square after school. After preparing, she walks to school with Jennifer Fields, a close friend that she met when she moved to town almost a month ago. Jennifer continuously asks Ally about her relationship with the Austin Moon, as Ally obviously tries not to remember all of it to avoid missing it. They then reach school, in which she sees that her locker door is open. She finds a bouquet of flowers inside, with a note signed from Luke. Jennifer then teases her if Luke has finally decided to court her, in which they are interrupted by Daniel Souza, another one of Ally’s good friends, who has been trying to date her but failed to get her to say yes, so he gave up. Daniel, a hacker, tells them that he found out that there will be new students being introduced that week, who will also be on the graduating class. They separate ways after the bell rings.

After school, Ally, Jennifer and Daniel heads to the town square, in which they see Lester in front of an empty store. Daniel jokes about Lester’s art gallery, in which he tells him to go home, and he does so leaving Jennifer and Ally. Lester reveals to Ally that he bought the place to build a Sonic Boom. At first, Ally was feeling happy for Lester, until she realizes that it would only make her miss the guys in Miami. Back home, she decides to give them a conference call. Austin answers while he works out in Starr Records, Trish while working a shift at the Donut place, Dez while playing with his pet rabbit, Lexi while buying beauty products, Aaron practicing playing the drums, and Tyler playing video games at his house. The seven of them catches up on things for almost two hours, until one by one, they all had to go except for Austin. Austin & Ally talks alone as they ask each other how their life is. Ally is about to talk about Luke when Austin has to leave.

The next day, Austin, Trish, Dez, Lexi, Aaron and Tyler meets up at the place where Sonic Boom used to be, which is now a Laser Tag place. After playing a game of laser tag, they all talk about their plan to surprise Ally, as they whisper the rest of their plan to each other, without revealing it to the audience. Back in Glendale, Ally walks to school with Jennifer and Daniel, as they notice the big house across Ally’s house has been sold. Daniel assumes that whoever bought it must be the new students in Glendale High. After school, Daniel drives Ally and Jennifer to Dale City, where they head to Vinyl Records office. It is revealed that Luke, is Sarah Vinyl’s son and is the one taking care of the office in Dale City. Luke and Daniel heads to the game room to play some video games as Jennifer and Ally head to the studio to practice her songs. Ally then tells Jennifer that she will help her become a successful singer too, as they both sing “No Place Like Home” as a duet. Sarah hears the both of them as she surprises Ally. She praises Jennifer on her voice and tells her that she has potential. She explains that she will only be at Dale City for a few months and that she can help Jennifer with her career, if Ally can be her mentor. Ally agrees as Jennifer thanks both of them.

The next day at school, principal Schuler announces to the school that they have six new addition to the school graduating class, and that two of the students are well known artists, getting Jennifer excited. To Ally’s surprise, Austin, Aaron, Tyler, Dez, Trish and Lexi enters the hallways as they run towards her to greet her. Everyone crowds around Austin and Aaron, who have been known as the rockstar brothers since Austin’s career went rocketing up. Ally introduces Daniel and Jennifer to Team Austin & Ally. Tyler explains that his family agreed to buy a house, the one across Ally’s, for them to stay at. Austin then explains that they will be staying in Glendale to finish high school, with the permission of their parents. Daniel shows them around as Jennifer starts to ask how Austin’s appearance might affect her relationship with Luke. She then brings Team Austin & Ally to Lester as they share dinner. Lester tells them about the new Sonic Boom, in which Lexi and Trish suggests to make it a Music Factory that helps people discover their talent in music. Lester then agrees with Ally’s decision, which is to move forward with the music school, with Austin & Ally being the mentors. They then decide the name to be “Rockstar Factory”.


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Guest Stars

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