Project Summer is a 2015 Fanfic Channel Original film about two best friends who try to get the best out of their summer break. The summer-themed film premiered on June 2015 during Fanfic Channel's Summer Season. Production began in Hawaii and and lasted until February.


Project Summer follows best friends Max and Milo during their summer break from school. Max and Milo had a whole summer break planned during their trip to Hawaii for their best summer yet, but things do not go well as they have planned. Losing hope that their summer streak of awesomeness will be broken, the two try to make the best out of their vacation. But when a map to a supposed game of treasure hunt turns out to be a real one that leads to a long lost chest of gold on the island, Max and Milo gives the adventure all they have got as they encounter a trio willing to do anything to get to the treasure first.


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