Prom Terror is an upcoming Fanfic Channel Original Movie, scheduled to premiere on October 31, 2015, as part of the Fanfic Channel Spooktober event. The movie stars Olivia Holt and Dylan Everett.


It was a dream come true for 18-year old Lucy McFarland to be nominated Prom Queen, considering she was not as popular as her co-nominee, Kelli Hart. Keen in winning the title, Kelli tries to do everything she can, even letting an evil scientist, Doctor Jacob Jamison, deceive her. Jamison programs Kelli to transform into a bloodthirsty creature during the school event. Lucy’s dream Prom transforms into a nightmare as she tries to survive with her friends in the school after it gets contained and locked while Kelli is trapped with them.




The film started its principal photography around Summer of 2014, only for the film to be postponed. After being revived by Fanfic Channel president, Axel Torres, the film re-shot most of its scenes around the Spring of 2015. Filming lasted till August 2015 after taking a break from May to June. Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver was used as an exterior for the high school featured in the film.

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