Roommates & Roadblocks is the second episode in Season 5 of University Rockstars. It aired on September 5, 2015, garnering a total of 8.02 million US viewers. It was made available to Fanfic Channel on Demand on August 29, 2015.


Tyler, Daniel and Luke help Brett move in with Tyler. Tyler then finds out of Brett's hidden talent in singing. Meanwhile, Austin, Ally, Jennifer and Anastasia are on their way to their school when they are forced to take detours because of a roadblock.

Episode Story Arcs

  • Brett moves in to Tyler's place with the help of Daniel and Luke. As Brett settles in, Tyler hears Brett singing Austin's song, "Illusion", in the shower. Tyler tries to get Brett to show his talent by inviting him to Karaoke, getting him to watch one of Austin's music videos and more. At the end, Tyler confesses to hearing Brett singing, in which he admits his talent for music but is afraid that it would affect his image as the town's heartthrob.
  • Ally, Jennifer and Anastasia rides with Austin to school in his new car but stumbles upon a roadblock, causing huge traffic. They take a detour in which they see Aaron's car parked by a cabin. They find the cabin, beside the lake, with Aaron inside practicing for a performance. It is revealed that the cabin was a gift from Tyler for both him and Lexi. Aaron has been trying to make a comeback in his career as a promise he made to Lexi. Austin and Ally helps him as he finally perfects his performance, but at the end decides not to go through with it first.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

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