Spooktober is the title for the annual Halloween programming lineup event on Fanfic Channel, airing within the month of October. The annual event consists of halloween-themed episodes of some or all Fanfic Channel shows airing during the time as well as occasional film premieres.


Spy Teens

"Disbanded" (October 3, 2015) - The government will be forced to disband the AKA Organization unless The Shadow can be stopped from bringing worldwide destruction after acquiring all nuclear codes the agents have been protecting. To hatch a plan, the spy teens infiltrates a Halloween Costume Bash that the Organization suspects The Shadow agents are secretly meeting.

University Rockstars

"Pirates & Phantoms" (October 10, 2015) - Austin, Dez and Aaron fight over who will go to the Halloween Bash as a Pirate after the three of them realize that they all have the same costumes. Meanwhile, Anastasia thinks that there is a phantom ghost in the rockstar factory after things start moving on their own.

Martian McGowan

"The Martian Next Door" (October 11, 2015) - Best friends Jack and Ethan finds out that their next door neighbour, Artie, is an alien after having to hide in his house when they are chased by dogs. Lucy then finds out after she sees Artie showing his martian abilities to the boys while trick or treating.

Bionic Son

"Halloween Contest" (October 16, 2015) - After losing for three straight years to his nemesis, Kent, Cooper enlist the help of Derrick to create the best halloween costume to win the Halloween contest for the first time. Meanwhile, Anna and Carlo try to figure out why no kids from their block are knocking at their door during trick or treat.

Secret Life

"Trick or Threats" (October 23, 2015) - The team becomes vigilant during Halloween after The Snake brings terror to the people in the city, in order to draw out Harvey and his team. The team comes across a new creature they call, the Trackers.

Prom Terror

Movie Premiere (October 31, 2015) - It was a dream come true for 18-year old Lucy McFarland to be nominated Prom Queen, considering she was not as popular as her co-nominee, Kelli Hart. Keen in winning the title, Kelli tries to do everything she can, even letting an evil scientist, Doctor Jacob Jamison, deceive her. Jamison programs Kelli to transform into a bloodthirsty creature during the school event. Lucy’s dream Prom transforms into a nightmare as she tries to survive with her friends in the school after it gets contained and locked while Kelli is trapped with them.

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