Strengths & Weaknesses is the second episode in Season 1 of Spy Teens. It aired on March 7, 2015.


The trio starts their training to be full time Spy Teens and they encounter their strengths and weaknesses for the first time. Meanwhile, Eleanor tries to find a way to decline a date from her colleague to prevent the risk of exposing her true identity.


RJ and Vincent talks in the hallway of the school about their newfound status as spies, as Gracie tells them to keep it quiet to prevent anyone from knowing their secret identity as spies. Gracie then shows them her spy id, which turns into a school id as a cover up. RJ and Vincent immediately tries it on their id as theirs turns into their school id. On the way to class, they are a note by Eleanor which lists their homework for history, confusing the three of them. During class, RJ stares at the note, hoping to see something different about it that could be related to their spy work, instead of homework. He then hands it to Gracie who holds it with her thumb on the front paper, and the words suddenly shifts to show a note containing the time their first training starts. 

The math teacher, Andrew Bleu, walks by and sees RJ and Gracie passing notes. He then walks over to look at it, but Gracie tries to hide it. Andrew asks for the note, and Gracie nervously hands it over. To her relief, Andrew reads the paper and realizes that it is a list of history homework. Gracie realizes that her thumbprint causes the note to change. Andrew returns it to them and after class, Gracie shows the note to RJ and Vincent. Kayla Remington, the popular girl in school, approaches RJ and asks him to join them for lunch. Having a hard decision to whether have lunch with the popular girl or train to be a spy, he declines the offer and leaves with Vincent and Gracie instead. Gracie commends him for his choice, as they head down to the secret headquarters, with their id and a eye scan as a password to open the secret passage. They head down to see Eleanor dancing with Andrew, only to know that it is a fake hologram of Andrew. Eleanor then shows them that the hologram can project anyone and can interact with them. This is what they use to train. Eleanor heads back to the school, and leaves the three of them to train.

While training, RJ is concluded to be a resourceful spy, using objects around him to his advantage, but his lack of planning can cause the team to lose. Gracie on the other hand has agility and fighting skills but her weakness is fighting someone close to her. Vincent refuses to spar with a hologram of Michael, his older brother but instead he manages to hack into the system and programs the hologram to display his crush, Lela, but the hologram manages to pin him down still. At the end of the training, they receive a total percentage of their training, with Gracie getting the highest score of 82%, RJ getting an 80% and Vincent getting a 63%. The AI, named Arman, then introduces them to their special suits that they will wear in times of their missions.

Back in the school, Eleanor is approached by Andrew who tries to start a conversation with her, trying to ask her out on a date. Eleanor got the feeling that Andrew is asking her out, so she starts making up excuses in order to stop him from asking. When Andrew finally gives up, and leaves, she immediately closes the door, only to find Gracie in the classroom. Eleanor explains to her that she can’t let any relationship jeopardize her identity as a spy, which means that she can’t date any colleagues, even if she wanted to. Gracie then manages to convince her that making herself happy without thinking of her duty as a spy is acceptable now and then. Eleanor thanks her and she heads to Andrew’s office. She then asks Andrew to dinner, in which Andrew becomes speechless, but then agrees at the end.

She heads to the headquarters to see RJ and Vincent playing with the hologram. Gracie then turns it off when they see Eleanor. Eleanor congratulates them fro their training, but advices Vincent to train his fighting skills in case they are sent to do a mission out in the field. Arman then suddenly reveals that the three of them were watching through the security cameras of how Eleanor asked Andrew out, as RJ, Vincent and Gracie all try to run out of the room.


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