The Fanfic Company, most commonly known as Fanfic, is a fictional american multinational mass media corporation headquartered in Burbank, California. Fanfic was founded by Aaron Moon in December 2, 2011 and has been leading in the fictional film and television industry.

Corporate History

2011 - 2013: Fanfic Channel

In mid-2011, Aaron Moon planned to create a fan fiction series based on an existing series titled, Austin & Ally. Dreaming to make it his own series, Moon established a company that could launch a television network to air the series. The Fanfic Company was launched by Aaron Moon on December 2, 2011 for the sole purpose of its television division flagship property, Fanfic Channel, that debut its first and current top series, A High School Rockstar. Fanfic then went to produce many series but failed to do so during the first two years, with numerous series being postponed and cancelled.

Fanfic tried to kickstart its channel but its only series was the only series that aired for the two years. The series became a big hit, garnering an average of 5 million viewers for each episode. The success of the series was seen by Moon, which led to the expansion of Fanfic. Fanfic then established its television properties through its television division, The Fanfic Network. The Fanfic Network became the division that holds the television network properties of Fanfic, including Fanfic Channel and the upcoming, ASM Network.

2014 - 2015: Mass Media Company

Moon stepped down as president of Fanfic Channel to further look after the expansion of the company. This was the same expansion that caused the long hiatus for the series. In 2014, Fanfic launched two studios, Fanfic Studios and Wonder Studios. These studios are the beginning of the new era for Fanfic, opening new opportunities. Fanfic Studios is the main film division of Fanfic, which holds numerous subsidiaries of the company, including Fanfic Pictures. Wonder Studios is a subsidiary of Wonder Entertainment, the second entertainment studio division of the company, which mainly deals in franchise movies based on superhero characters.

Currently, Fanfic has three divisions, and the successful expansion of the company has led to plans to open a music division for the company, which is expected to be launched in 2017. On December 2015, Fanfic has announced that it has put Wonder Studios under Fanfic Studios, its Studio Entertainment Division. The former parent company of Wonder Studios, Wonder Entertainment, has been dissolved.

2015 - Present: Recreation Entertainment

On April 2014, Fanfic planned on venturing to recreation entertainment, which included multiple parks and resorts properties in the United States. A plan began for the first parks and resorts in California as well as New York. An untitled theme park began its construction in California on December 2014, and another in New York on January 2015. Fanfic committed $2.5 billion for the Parks and Resort project, which was due to be opened to public in the Summer of 2016.

Company Divisions and Subsidiaries

Fanfic Studios (Studio Entertainment Division)

Fanfic Studios includes subsidiaries that deals with the company's film properties, as well as animation studios, and distribution companies.

  • Distribution
    • Fanfic Studios Motion Pictures
    • Open Field Entertainment
    • Worldwide Pictures
    • Fanfic Studios Home Entertainment
  • Wonder Studios
    • Wonder Television
    • Wonder Animation
    • Wonder Studios Home Entertainment

The Fanfic Network (Television Entertainment Division)

Fanfic Parks and Resorts (Recreation Entertainment Division)

Executive Management


Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board

Current Board of Directors

  • Aaron Moon (Chairman)
  • Austin Kaden
  • Jacqueline Tim
  • Tyson Esmond
  • Rhea Parrish
  • Laith Salisbury
  • Larissa Mobley
  • Mikel Bingham
  • Herminia Satterfield
  • Zane Goodrich
  • Meghan Cartell

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