The Fanfic Network is a division of The Fanfic Company that operates the two major television channels of the company: Fanfic Channel and ASM Network, along with it the multiple production companies and the talent program, Star Quest.


On September 10, 2012, a few months after Fanfic Channel was founded, Fanfic planned to create a division of the company that would handle all of its television and cable properties, which included Fanfic Channel. The next year, this was achieved through The Fanfic Network, after the company has finalized its finishing touches.

In 2015, ASM Network was launched, which is also managed under The Fanfic Network. Currently, The Fanfic Network has multiple assets including the two channels, multiple production companies and Star Quest. Rebecca Norwood was put in charge as president of the division, with Sean Aisler as Vice-President.

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