The Last Christmas is a Fanfic Channel Original Movie, which is scheduled to premiere on December 12, 2015, as part of Fanfic Channel's Jollycember. The movie started its production late July 2014 and concluded on September 2014. It filmed in Los Angeles, CA.


Let's face it. Christmas spirit? Dead. This is the modern world. Nobody knows or cares about the true meaning of Christmas anymore, nobody asks for anything but electronics for Christmas, and no one believes or cares anymore about Santa Claus. Not even little kids. No one bothers to put up Christmas lights because of of how long it takes, and nobody decorates their house because of how expensive everything is. And no one... well, you get the idea. One teenage boy in particular, Caleb Evergreen, never really believed in Christmas. He loved to ruin it for his family, one of the very few families who still knew the true meaning of Christmas, or at least, still cared. One day, Caleb realizes his family isn't putting up any decorations. They aren't going Christmas shopping, and his younger siblings aren't even writing a letter to Santa Claus. They're just being how Caleb always wanted them to be, normal. Well at least, normal in the modern world. Not only does Caleb see that his family isn't caring about Chrismas, nobody is. So he goes to his one friend who still has a family who cares: Hailei. Hailei explains that it's only a matter of time before the whole Christmas holiday is forgotten. Caleb doesn't like the idea of Christmas being forgotten, and not only because he secretly cares, but because without Christmas, he'll have nothing to ruin. So Caleb and Hailei set off on a mission alongside their close friend Kevin and Hailei's butthead cousin Mia to bring Christmas spirit back to the modern world in the little town of theirs known as Winerford before it is forgotten forever.

Cast and Characters



The Last Christmas started filming in Los Angeles, CA on July 2015.


Jack Griffo, star of A High School Rockstar, landed the role of Caleb Evergreen in March 2015. His close friend Ryan Newman landed the role of Hailei also in March 2015. Addison Riecke and Diego Velazquez, known from The Thundermans, where they starred alongside Griffo, got the roles of Kira and Tyler.






DVD Release


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