Tyson Stanton is a character from The Supernaturals. He is a college sophomore from North Turendale University and is one of the main protagonists. He was turned into a werewolf by Mason.


Tyson is a low profile student who does not socialize much. He is often deemed nerdy because of his intelligence. However, he is very confident, trying his best to impress other people and show them his true self.

Tyson is born from a rich family. He was born in England and moved when he was eight years old. He became best friends with Joel Winters, who was also born in England. His father is often in the city, south of Turendale, where he works in his own company. He is very persevering and tries to fit in with all the students. After being bitten, he becomes more confident with the big improvement in his muscular built, as well as his performance in sports. He is very protective of his friends and will do anything, as long as it is the right thing, to protect them from harm. He has the image of a good leader, as he does not resort to violence without peaceful agreement first. He tries to look for other options even if there is none.

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