Wonder Cinematic Universe
Creator Wonder Studios
Original Work The Guardians (2015)

The Wonder Cinematic Universe (WCU) is an American media franchise and shared fictional universe, centered on a series of superhero films, produced by Marvel Studios. The shared universe was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters.

The first film released in the WCU was The Guardians (2015), which began the first phase of films.


By 2012, Fanfic had begun planning on establishing a superhero film franchise, which will share a universe. The plans were further advanced to once Wonder Studios was launched. All planning were handled by Wonder Studios. Wonder Studios president, Aaron Moon, began putting together a group of original superheroes that would make up the universe, together with other brilliant minds in the team. By the end of 2012, superheroes were already created and their storylines were on their way to being written.

On February 2013, Aaron Moon announced the universe, which was going to premiere two to three films each year, to complete its franchise phases. The first film to be announced was The Guardians, which finished its pre-production late 2012. This was the film that began the franchise. Phase 1 originally started with seven films, but throughout 2014, three additional films were added. With the success of The Guardians, the sequel was immediately developed to be part of Phase 1. Two addition solo films were added, including Superboy and Speedster.

Wonder has since stated that the studio will release 4 to 6 films each year in order to accommodate the entirety of the Wonder Cinematic Universe without putting a long hiatus between each films. This way, it would be faster to build the Cinematic Universe as a whole, and incorporate the television side of the Universe as well.


Fanfic Studios Motion Pictures had distribution rights to all films under the WCU.


Film U.S. Release date Director(s) Screenwriter(s) Producer(s) Status
Phase One
The Guardians February 6, 2015 Duncan Napier Aaron Moon, Alison Day & Blake McKay Aaron Moon & Nick Miller Released
Marvel Man May 1, 2015 Kevin Nashon Wesley Perez & Jack Myrell Aaron Moon
Jerod September 4, 2015 Sebastian Goessett Alden Wolff & Colton Holguin
Vulture November 20, 2015 Reid Barlow Emily Ashter, Theron Crews & Manuel Allman Post-Production
Invultra January 8, 2016 Rafe Bowser
Superboy: First Recruit April 1, 2016 Hunter Ambrose Aaron Moon, Dorothy Bolton & Walton Ybarra
Mutant Academy July 15, 2016 Lydia Callahan Lulu Jaramillo, Quinton Ashcraft & Vince Aguirre Filming
The Guardians: Dark Origin October 7, 2016 Duncan Napier Sharon Caldwell, Alison Day, & Lorenzo Reid
Speedster December 9, 2016 Aaron Moon Pre-Production
The Defenders: Provenance April 7, 2017 Duncan Napier Aaron Moon In Development
Phase Two

Television series

Series Season Episodes Originally Aired Showrunner(s)
First Aired Last Aired
ASM Network Series
Mr. & Mrs. Agents 1 22 October 13, 2015 TBA Aaron Moon, Ben Ramirez, Janice Gage and Andy Larson
Nightblast 1 24 2016 TBA Aaron Moon and Kennedy Bell
Alpha Agents 1 18 2016 TBA Aaron Moon, Kara Jameson and Iris Laurel
Untitled Series TBA TBA Late 2016 TBA Nick Miller

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